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two brothers, one journey

Our story began 7 years ago. Growing up, we loved to capture and create videos with our phones. From creating music videos (hilariously terrible), to making homemade movies. This was the beginning of something we never could've dreamed of!

One day, a couple reached out to us and asked if we can capture their wedding. Of course we said yes, but little did we know what it really entailed. Despite the obstacles, we made it happen and that leap of faith led us to today.

Throughout that journey, we met our wives and they also fell in love with our passion. Its been one amazing journey and we can't wait to continue to create timeless moments!

Our story

How Yugen Films came to be

Through the years...

filmed our first wedding 


yugen films was officially established

went fulltime as wedding filmmakers

steve & jocelyne got married

jocelyne joined the team






abraham & melissa got married and melissa joined the team

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What we are





Whether out on a hike or at a wedding venue, I’ll be your naturalist friend and point out all the birds and flowers. I can be goofy but it’s because I love bringing a smile to people’s faces— especially my husband’s. There’s nothing that a long drive with great music and awesome people can’t fix.

Three words sum me up: live, laugh, love! I live my life making the best of every moment and situation. I laugh for everything, no really I do lol. I love experiencing new things with my beautiful wife and doggo. You can catch me chilling one moment to randomly throwing down on the dance floor!

I grew up having the best memories in Oceanside where I would chase sunsets, enjoy summer nights, and any seafood would make my day. I grew up seeing my families old VCR memories, which led me to be that annoying friend that is documenting every moment, but later I would be thanked for it.. Along with our Cal boy(fur baby) I can simply do anything with my boys. 

I'm all about the outdoors! Being with my darling wife exploring the beautiful unknown fuels my creativity and pushes me to continue growing as a filmmaker and person. Of course having a great cold brew and podcast for a long drive just puts me in a great mindset and rejuvenates my soul. 

our mixed personalities

Words of appreciation

Hiring Steve and Abraham to film our wedding was definitely one of the best decisions we made! They were so awesome to work with and felt more like friends there for our day than a camera crew. Aside from how cool the two of them are, their work is truly the best I have seen. Getting our videos delivered has been the best day since the actual wedding, the films are GORGEOUS and so perfectly captured our day!

-Greg & Haley

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